Machining Methodology

Bramdens’ main strength lies within its ability to manufacture complex machined parts.

Problem parts that often go unwanted with “No-Bids” from our competitors frequently find their way on our shop floor.

Extensive experience with complex hardened Steel & Stainless Steel components that require extensive engineering and fixturing are our mainstay.

Heat Treated materials up to 55Rc are commonly machined at Bramden. Not just finish machining after Heat treatment, but also roughing and finishing of Heat Treated materials from Bar or Flat Stock.

Material vary from 4340, 4330V, 17-4PH, 15-5PH, and 13-8, often pre-hardened prior to machining.

We are also well versed with Nickel alloys and exotic materials, as well as plastic composites such as Peek, Rulon & Vespel.

Extensive understanding of part processing on more complex parts such as Nital Etch, Shot Peening & Chrome Plating often associated with High Strength 300M Alloy components in landing gear programs.

It is not unusual to see parts being manufactured that require 4 or more operations Prior to Heat Treatment with 4 or more finishing operations after heat treatment utilizing a number of complex fixtures for rough & finish machining.

With over 60 years of experience within the Leadhands of the Milling  & Turning department, Complex parts are very welcome.


Bramden Precision utilizes only the very highest quality CNC Equipment on the market.

Machine Manufacturers include Matsurra, Kitamura, Nakamura Tome & Hardinge equipment.

We currently own & operate 7 CNC machines within our Newmarket Facility. In addition to our CNC Equipment, we also have a variety of manual equipment such as secondary operation lathes, manual type knee style milling machines, Sunnen Honing Equipment and fully Automated Saw.